What is a personal stylist anyway?

Have you ever watched a makeover show? It’s basically that minus the snark. We work together to assess your closet, decide on what your needs are based on lifestyle, body type, budget, and personal tastes.

Why do I need a personal stylist? I dress myself everyday!

Sometimes we all need a little help.  Just like hiring a dog trainer, a financial adviser, or even a therapist  we can all benefit from some professional assistance for a variety of reasons. Hiring a personal stylist/wardrobe consultant is a smart way to gain an extra set of eyes with an objective view point.

But I don’t dress anything like you, are you going to make me wear things I don’t like just because they are in style?

Absolutely not. This service isn’t about my style, it is all about you! In my years of working as a buyer at a well known resale store I learned to critically assess inventory and buy based on customer desires. This has enabled me to develop an eye for what works on a variety of shapes and sizes, no matter what your personal style is.

I can’t spend a lot of money on clothes, how am I going to afford building up my wardrobe?

Saving money is my specialty! I’m more than familiar with how to stretch your budget to get the best styles in your price range. Style isn’t about spending tons of money every year, it’s about cultivating a wardrobe that will work for several seasons. By hiring me to help you’ll end up saving money in the long run by avoiding purchases that don’t work with your style, body type, or what you already own.

 Where are you located?

I am available for styling services in the Greater New Orleans area.


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