How It Works

Prep Work
Prior to our style session I will have you fill out a simple questionnaire so I can better understand your needs.
The night before our style session make sure everything is laundered and organized, ready to go! The cleaner your closet is the easier it will be to assess what we are working with. Keep an open mind and be prepared to have fun!
Whether you want to keep everything you own or ditch it all and start fresh is entirely up to you. We work as a team to assess your existing wardrobe, culling through your closet to determine what stays, what goes, and how to fill in the gaps so you can achieve a fully functioning wardrobe with pieces that not only make sense together but make you excited to get dressed every day.
The last, and most fun part of Slow Southern Styling is creating outfits that you will be excited to wear! We will discuss your everyday needs and create looks based on your lifestyle. I’ll give you tips on what to buy to beef up what you already own, making sure that you don’t buy what you already have or won’t wear.  This stage of the process is often the most eye opening. You might have a closet full of fabulous clothes already and you didn’t even know it! With my creative eye I will help you transform your style to a better version of you.


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