“Christy was very easy to work with! She was very personable and gave us a new outlook on our styles. She had great suggestions on where to buy clothes, not only for our age and body type, but also staying within a reasonable budget. It was a very good experience!” – -Zoe & Mika
“Thank you, Christy, for helping me determine my style of dress and utilizing particular items in ways I hadn’t thought of before. I feel like I have a whole new wardrobe without actually having gone shopping for anything!”- Alison
“Christy has helped me to better understand and enhance my personal style. She gave many good suggestions as to what clothes and accessories will work best for my style and body. With these tips I will know what to look for and what to avoid when shopping in the future. Overall, I was very pleased with our session and will recommend Christy’s services to anyone looking to improve their wardrobe.”- N.B.
 “I was about to embark on another costly shopping trip when I luckily found Christy! She managed to unearth pieces from my closet that I never thought I would wear and integrate them into awesome, professional, and stylish outfits. She created 7 outfits that I never would have had the vision to put together and I would say she saved me at least a thousands bucks in nonsensical fashion spending. This is worth it. Trust me.” – Lauren
“This was so amazing…Getting dressed in the mornings this week has been so quick and easy with the formulas and tips Christy gave me; not to mention my wardrobe is edited down to wearable pieces only so I don’t have to sift through piles. Thanks again for my closet/wardrobe/life makeover!”- Megan 

“I was very impressed working with Christy.  Not only did she help me get rid of the really old items in my closet, she did so without judgement and with my style in mind.  Christy helped me let go of clothes that I didn’t even wear anymore as well as ones that I still loved – helping me realize that they weren’t really doing me any favors anymore.  She then helped me choose new items (including where to shop around town and online) – staying in my general price range and always thinking about my style.  I would recommend Christy and Slow Southern Style to anyone looking for help sprucing up their wardrobe, needing a full closet overhaul, or even just help finding new items.  Thank you, Christy!”- Rebekah  


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